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The Birth Certificate Saga: Blood in the Streets

November 8, 2008

by Organic Peas

We’re all well aware of the looming constitutional crisis we face thanks to “President-elect” Barack Obama. If, as seems very likely, he was either born in Kenya or he was adopted by his Indonesian stepfather Lolo Soetoro, he is disqualified from serving as President.

And now, the showdown is headed to the Supreme Court. Justice David Souter has ordered Obama to respond by December 1. What happens then is anybody’s guess.

The issue could — and should — go to the entire Court (however likely that may be).

Then we face this question: What if the Court as a whole issues a ruling that Barack Obama is NOT a natural born citizen, and as thus, cannot serve the term for which he was elected?

Will Obama go quietly into the sunset, telling his followers, “Hey . . . we gave it the old college try”?

Or will he follow the plan he worked out with cousin and fellow Luo tribesman Raila Odinga, when that man sought the presidency of Kenya?

Jerome Corsi reported on emails between Obama and Odinga indicating Obama was aware of the plan to cry voter fraud if Odinga lost the race for the presidency (which he did). Further, the emails indicate Obama was also aware of Odinga’s plan to take it to the streets in the event of a loss. If the courts wouldn’t give him the presidency, he would resort to violence.

And, again, that’s what he did.

Is this the same plan Obama will follow?

I was intriqued to read about the Erica Jong interview with an Italian newspaper in which she said, “

If Obama loses it will spark the second American Civil War. Blood will run in the streets, believe me.”

Could her comments have been a trial ballon of sorts, indicating Obama’s intentions had he lost the election?

And if so, does this also indicate what will happen if the United States Supreme Court has the courage to actually look into the issue, then disqualify Obama if he fails to produce a valid, American birth certificate?

My greatest fear is that even if Obama were to come right out and confess that he was born in Kenya, it wouldn’t matter to the majority of Americans. His promises of “hope” and “change” are far more important to them than the law. And if this is true, it certainly would mean blood in the streets if the Supreme Court ousts him.

So it comes down to this: with SCOTUS uphold the United States Constitution as the law of the land? Or will the Constitution die on January 20, 2009, only to be replaced by some sort of “New Constituion” devised by the socialists?

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  1. kallyn permalink
    November 9, 2008 12:48 am

    I’m worried about riots or something breaking out..what if it does come out that Obama isn’t a US citizen? I live in the Washington DC suburbs, and allllllllllllll this weekend there have been “Obama victory parties” throughout the region. I can’t even listen to the radio w/o hearing about how “November 4th history was made” !!! And if in December its revealed that he’s a fraud, than I think there might be riots!

    I dont get how he was even allowed to run! A politician is a public figure, there should be no secrets. But with Obama, we know very little about him. How can we trust the well being of our country with someone we know NOTHING about???


  1. The Birth Certificate Saga: Blood in the Streets at Voter Fraud On Best Political Blogs

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